SketchUp Basics – 1

Video Language: Italian – Demo

ITALIANO – Tutti i video del corso sono in italiano. Le annotazioni e i file in basso, sono in Inglese per tutti.




We will begin by explaining the generalities of the SketchUp interface, aimed at those beginning users who want to learn to master the software from an architectural approach, to then be able to practice rendering with the 5SRW method.



  1. SketchUp has a very friendly interface, you will get used to it very quickly in just a couple of hours.
  2. You will find three main work areas: toolbar area (upper part), predetermined tray area (right part) and indications and information bar (lower part).
  3. Modify the sizes of the toolbars to have more space to model three-dimensionally.
  4. Activate, deactivate and organize the toolbars that you will need.
  5. You can customize the default tray to load the tabs you use most.
  6. Check the indications of each command or tool in the bottom left of your screen.
  7. By displaying any menu, you will notice the main tools that you have quick access through a shortcut.



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