V-Ray for Rhino Tutorial – Peaceful Sunset

How to create a beautiful scene starting from a moodboard
by Gianluca Muti, Learnvray Student

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Hi, I made this the scene after returning from my summer trip to Normandy and I want to share with you my personal path to recreate this ambient. (check here for more images)

Colors, atmospheres and sounds, in particular those of the seagulls, have contributed to making my scene unique. In short, a journey that I will carry forever in my heart.

Of the whole trip I wanted to represent what most struck my curiosity, what impressed me most. The long lonely beaches, the unreachable horizons, the sense of quiet and peace. Leafing through the photos I took there, I summarized the key elements that could have helped me in the composition and thus created my moodboard, obtaining the desired atmosphere.

My daily work is with V-Ray for Rhino, but of course all these concepts and ideas with the 5SRW method, are applicable to any render engine.

So, lets’ get started! For the framing I thought of a moment of relaxation to enjoy the warm light of the sunsets that, in Normandy, leave you breathless. (Figure A)

FIGURE A (Framing)

To achieve this effect I used a V-Ray Sun and a V-Ray Sky, positioned on the left of my room. With this direction I emphasized more the three-dimensionality of the scene.

I increased the size multiplier from 1 to 15 in ordet to make the shadows more blurred and soft. In figure B (top view) I can better observe the direction of the light and the settings I used. In Figure C the respective balance of lights.

FIGURE B (Vray Sun + Vray Sky)


FIGURE C (Light Balance)

I tried to balance colors and materials in warm and soft tones that harmonized well with the marine setting and the bright blue of the sky to give an relaxing and peaceful effect.

The following rendering elements were used for post production: the Alpha channel to easily replace the background, reflection and lights.

Finally, I used Photoshop as taught in the 5SRW course and this is the end result:

I hope this tutorial will help you to try this. Have fun!
Gianluca Muti

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