5SRW | V-Ray for Rhino

V-Ray 5: Lessons & Details

Software version: V-Ray 5/6

Lesson#Rhino from scratchDuration
01Rhino from the scratch – Interface6′ 07”
02Objects and Viewports13′ 09”
03Layers and Selection15′ 28”
04Edit tools and Osnap14′ 41”
05Gumball - How to Scale, rotate and copy the objects with this tool7′ 23”
06Textures and Mapping - how to manage the mapping with the Rhino modifier9′ 20”
Lesson#V-Ray for RhinoDuration
01Introduction to V-Ray for Rhino6' 07''
02Render setup – Two ways09 ’11”
03V-Ray Sun and V-Ray Physical Camera04' 57''
04How V-Ray Light works08' 30''
05Create a studio light hierarchy08' 42''
06Fix overexposurers with V-Ray Frame Buffer02' 00''
07How V-Ray IES works04' 30''
08Start creating V-Ray Materials10' 45''
09How to light with HDRls5' 24''
10Understand Color Mapping5' 24''
11First Light Balance an exposure settings4' 25''
12Shiny and opaque reflections / Fresnel concept7' 48''
13How to master DOF – Depth of field4' 40''
14Photoshop techniques for vintage effects5' 55''
15Place objetcts randomly with RayFire (alternative lesson in 3ds Max)3' 52''
16Use HDRI to create nice reflections on small objects3' 13''
17Photoshop filters to create amazing bump maps3' 25''
18SpotLights and VRaylights for complex light balance10' 58''
19How to create/model a photorealistic floor5' 50''
20Create materials for Carpets and Curtains4' 02''
21The ‘Sandwich’ technique to control overexposures in Photoshop4' 16''
22How to create an interior light hiearchy mixing IES and VRayLights15' 37''
23VRayLight material, Wood and Pool material2' 59''
24How to composite using two layers of Ambient Occlusion, with flare effects2' 47''
25Create a light balance for exteriors, using V-Ray Real Time (RT)15' 14''
26Handle Fresnel IOR to create photorealistic glass / exteriors19' 52''
27Use the Render Elements VRayLightSelect / VRayExtratex (sky replacement)14' 23''
28Realistic natural light12' 20''
29Translucency: VRay2Sided Materials and VRay SSS214' 13''
30Have the full control of DOF with f number parameter6' 34''
31Use VRay Reflections, night effect12' 21''
32Photographic composition and night balance (exterior)16' 50''
33How to use VRaycompTex to improve texture details16' 57''
34VRayFur to easily create amazing grass11' 26''
35IBL, how to use HDRI maps with a VRay Dome19' 07''
36Unwrap modifier to map different surfaces12' 02''
37Fad, Proglow and Vignetting techniques with Photoshop10' 34''
38Studio lighting setup for lowkey scenes14' 51''
39Complex materials using reflection/Glossy maps17' 54''
40How to use VRayLens controls to create Bloom & Glare13' 32''
41DNA – Lights and spaces for lighting schemes4' 22''
42Daylight Loft, VRayportal for natural light / Lighting Scheme(scene)
43Natural and bright light in Bonilla Lighting / Lighting Scheme(scene)
44Exterior, Winter Villa / Lighting Scheme(scene)
46Use VRayLens to get the magic into ‘Magic Room’ / Lighting Scheme(scene)
47VRayDome + VRaySKy create the magic ‘Lake House’ / Lighting Scheme(scene)
48VRaySun + Portal + IES + VRayLight in Black&White interior / Lighting Scheme (scene)
49VraySphere Light and IES in Art Room / Lighting Scheme(scene)
50Use VRaySun multiplier for Caravaggio Style / Lighting Scheme(scene)

Scenes included in the Course

Different scenarios, each one explained with the 5SRW Method, using the photographic approach
Lessons and scene for/compatible with 5 / V-Ray NEXT / 3.xx