How I improved thanks to 5SRW

In this article Sahar Alizadeh Fard tells us his personal experience Before/After studying 5SRW
Do you feel the same?

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Hello, my name’s Sahar
I know V-Ray from 7 years, and all this time I studied as autodidact, but only after 5SRW Course I could create THIS RENDERS!

Rendering always frightened me! I always felt frustrated and confused about how and where to put lights,  how to balance them (honestly did not even know what that meant). I didn’t understand why some render was acceptable and another totally wrong… I had no control of the situation.

I was focusing all my energies exclusively on finding the best settings, even if I felt I was missing something really important. This is a work I did in the past:



I was like a person who can drive but do not know the way
So finally I decided to take the 5SRW Course for V-Ray

The idea to work with V-Ray as a real camera, using a structured method was very attractive to me!

Thanks to this course I started changing my mind: the parameters were not the problem, it was the technique behind, the entire approach that I was missing! Now I’m learning how to analyze what’s on my mind before starting. I’m studying techniques to place lighs, to control the balance and finally  I’m improving my awareness, step by step.

I think the secret is that V-Ray is just like a manual camera. Learning how to use it in the logical and easy way, brings you to photorealistic images!
This is the same image above, but changing my entire approach with 5SRW


The light is incredibly realistic, and materials react perfectly to my new set up:


This course also taught me how to observe more carefully what is around me and how to capture and recreate environments and styles.

I recently was also admitteed to the 5SRW Gallery with my works SILVER MOOD – and – LOVELY ROOM. I’m so happy and this is just the beginning: I’m still learning, but finally I know the way

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Sahar Alizadeh Fard
Learnvray Member

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For info about 5SRW Course for V-Ray –> visit this link