Winter Loft – Ahsan Farooq Qureshi with 5SRW
Winter Loft - Ahsan Farooq Qureshi - Learn V-Ray

Winter Loft – Ahsan Farooq Qureshi

Renders created with 5SRW™ Method

Before attending the 5SRW Course my images were not very good. Honestly, I was not satisfied with my work. The turning point in my career / work was when I took this Course. I really like the 5SRW workflow adopted. The thing I really like the most is the Light Balance technique. I highly recommend this Course for both beginners and those who have been in this field for the past few years. I am very grateful to the Learnvray team and to the mentor Ciro Sannino. I've never seen an artist like Ciro.

Ahsan Farooq Qureshi - Pakistan

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