PC close-up / Paolo Ciarimboli with 5SRW
VRay for Rhino - Training 5SRW

PC close-up / Paolo Ciarimboli

Renders created with 5SRW™ Method

5SRW is amazing! I'm a Vray for Rhino user and I applied it to 'my' V-Ray... I got this results after a couple of weeks working with this great method. Extremely interesting for those interested in photography and rendering, independently of the software.

Paolo Ciarimboli
V-Ray for Rhino

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(*) Renders realized following the 5SRW Course!
The 5SRW Course cointains lessons using V-Ray for 3ds max, but they are based on photography, they are universal and perfect also for Vray for Rhino!

Important: We also provide all the scenes in Rhino format
A vray for rhino training is possible with 5SRW