Scandinavian Living – Juan Gabriel Ponce with 5SRW
Scandinavian Living - Juan Gabriel Ponce - Learn V-Ray

Scandinavian Living – Juan Gabriel Ponce

Renders created with 5SRW™ Method

I started working with Mental Ray as my rendering engine, but eventually I made the change to V-Ray around 2012. So, in my search for finding new things to learn I came across Ciro’s course.

When I started to understand each chapter, I started noticing how photography was so important to improve my work. Each lesson is easy to understand and enough information to not feel overwhelmed about it. The way it is broken down, the structure of the entire course allows to learn in a very comfortable way. The course not only teaches you about the photography basics but also starts creating in you a way of thinking like a photographer. As you practice each day, that way of thinking starts to feel more natural, and it is then when you get very comfortable applying what is taught in the 5SRW course and you start experimenting more and more and you do not struggle on how to approach a new project.

So at the end of the day, what you learn here can be applied to every render engine in the market, as what you have now is about photography; the render engine settings are another aspect of the 3D world.

Arch. Juan Gabriel Ponce - Guatemala

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