Joya House – Gerardo Sosa Bustos with 5SRW
Joya House - Gerardo Sosa Bustos - Learn V-Ray

Joya House – Gerardo Sosa Bustos

Renders created with 5SRW™ Method

Ciro Sannino's course, 5SRW, has given me the photographic approach that I never thought to use when creating my own renderings. It has truly been a phenomenal impact on my visualizations! The most important thing when framing and taking a photo are the different tools, approaches and photographic principles so that it can have the desired impact. The harmony of the framing, the control and balance of the lighting, and of course, showing the most interesting of an image, is what achieves a good image. Thanks to 5SRW I can use V-Ray as a professional camera and give my best. I greatly appreciate the tools that he has taught me. Thanks to Ciro Sannino.

Gerardo Sosa Bustos - Mexico

- Use V-Ray as a Real Camera