Artist Room – Miodrag Stojiljkovic with 5SRW
Artist Room - Miodrag Stojiljkovic - Learn V-Ray

Artist Room – Miodrag Stojiljkovic

Renders created with 5SRW™ Method

I can say that I'm really grateful to LearnVray community, for sharing this amazing "5SRW" Method! Even with a short experience in 3D visualization, this method changed my workflow and made a significant positive difference. It gives you the tools to understand the world of photography along side 3d visualization as two inseparable worlds. I really enjoy listening to this course and i'm getting more and more confident to create a lot more artistic and wonderful scenes. I'm recommending this course to everyone!
Really interesting lessons, awesome and friendly community!

Miodrag Stojiljkovic - Serbia

- Use V-Ray as a Real Camera