IPR – Interactive Progressive Rendering

While the default settings are sufficient to begin working, a new render mode has been introduced, which is ideal for tests. This is known as IPR: Interactive Progressive Rendering . You can launch a render in this mode by using the green arrow icon in the V-Ray Frame Buffer , Figure 3-6, or by clicking on the IPR icon in the rendering panel of the tab V-Ray > IPR options > Start IPR , Figure 3-7.

Figure 3-6
The icon for the IPR feature

Figure 3-7
The Start IPR feature shown in the IPR options panel

Regardless of the other settings, V-Ray will always carry out a progressive render using the necessary amount of Light Cache based on the size of the window. Basically, you won’t need to set anything to launch the IPR .

Being an interactive calculation, it restarts automatically every time we change something. If we move an object, change the value of a material or manually resize the window, the rendering starts over, giving immediate feedback.

Considerations: If it bothers you that the rendering starts over every time you change the size of the VFB , or if you want to see the preview at its real size, you can disable the automatic resizing by unchecking the Fit resolution to VFB box, Figure 3-7.

The render is updated even if you use the Region Render to select a very precise area of the VFB . This makes it very easy to work with materials as it allows you to work by area. A very convenient option when working with materials is Get object material , Figure 3-8.

Figure 3-8
Get object material shown among the various options available in IPR mode when you right-click on the image

Right-click on the image and select the option Get object material . Now you can click on any object in the image and you’ll see the relative material appear in the Material Editor. This makes changing and perfecting materials even faster.

Note: As you can see in the image in Figure 3-8, you can also select objects from the quick menu, set the focal distance and more, speeding up production.

It’s handy to use the IPR tool even when beginning your project. It makes the testing phase much smoother. In the latest version of V-Ray, you can also use IPR in the viewports by selecting the display mode Standard > V-Ray IPR , Figure 3-9.

Figure 3-9
Viewport display mode menu