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Photography & Rendering with V-Ray is a book written by Ciro Sannino and it’s perfectly complementary with Learnvray contents. The book goes in depht with concepts and examples, Learnvray shows you how to apply the method in different situations and gives you a really professional support.

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When you take a picture with your personal camera
I’m sure you never change its “options” for interiors or exteriors!
You just handle the light in different ways.

That’s what we teach in 5SRW, the perfect control of light:
Get the right light balance, get success!It’s our focus and it’s producing great results also with beginners users.
5SRW stands for 5-Step Render Workflow, an accademic method to learn/use V-Ray in full awareness, using photographic principles.

5SRW certification for V-Ray acknowledge he/she has has strong photography and V-Ray knowledge and is able to apply the 5-Step method, to complete a real job, respecting photorealistic rules.

Official 5SRW websites and certifiees