FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions (English)

Please visit our official page and search for the words: "Study Program" and "Demo lesson".
You'll find both content for 3ds Max, SketchUp and Rhino
All the courses are completely updated to V-Ray 6
Absolutely yes! According to the software selected, the subscription includes additional lessons, dedicated exclusively to learning 3ds Max, SketchUp or Rhino.
V-Ray is a plugin and these extra lessons will help you become familiar with the work environment, to enjoy the main course.
90 USD - Renewal is not automatic and after the 1st year you can get it for 90 USD. It includes lessons, updates if necessary with respect to the photographic method, instructor support and access to 5SRW and Learnvreay certifications (if they have not already been obtained)
No. The 5SRW course includes 10 lessons to get to know V-Ray. The course starts from scratch and you can study with us even if you have never opened V-Ray before.
The course has been designed from beginner to Advanced.
In case you don't have a copy of V-Ray already installed, you can download a 30-day Demo, or purchase an EDU license from us immediately after purchasing the course.
As Learnvray student you are eligible to add an access to “V-Ray Collection” educational license to your membership. This is and option that will come at an extra cost and will give you access to an educational license for about 12 months.
No, the course has been designed to mix V-Ray and Photography gradually, following a solid structure and progressive lessons. You will learn how to use photography and V-Ray from scratch
Absolutely not. We use light scenes to explain all the concepts. So a 'regular' PC or laptop (i5 processor, for example) will be fine to carry out all the exercises included in the course.
1. Is the course only available online?
Yes, video lessons are only accessible online. Access to the platform, support, to the reserved group and to the Certification are part of the package called "1-Year FULL" and is all available exclusively online

2. Are the videos subtitled?
Yes, you can enable English subtitles in each video lesson

3. Is the course scheduled, or am I free to study?
The course is self-paced. You can access and review the lessons infinite times, at any time. Each lesson includes a video (around 15 minutes), text, images and START and END versions of the 3D files. For any problems, curiosity or clarification, you can personally contact our trainers using the box message under the lesson or sending an email to support@learnvray.com

4. Do the online course and book have the same contents?
It's much better. Many of our members have both and they regard them as complementary to each other. The book offers additional perspectives on the lessons offered. The book acts as a resource to broaden your understanding and expand your horizons

5. Can I download videos?
The videos are only available in streaming and are combined with the support
1. May I ask the instructors all my doubts?
Of course. If something is not clear in the lessons, you have to ask! We will clarify all your doubts. In particular, especially we will help you focus your energy on relevant topics to avoid wasting your time

2. Can I have a review on my personal projects?
You can share your projects on our Facebook group. The group is restricted to Learnvray Members and you’ll find many great artists around the world, ready to share their ideas with you

3. Will I be able to develop works like the ones I see in the gallery?
That is our desire and goal! We can guarantee that the works you see in the gallery are the result of learning our method and the contents we offer. Much, however, depends on you and your desire to learn and practice. We'll provide you with all the necessary knowledge to achieve the best results

4. How much time will it take me to be able to produce such amazing renders?
It is up to you. You know, passion and perseverance are the keys to success. The 5SRW course is a way to amplify your potential and to shorten the learning time. Ultimately, it depends on you. Our goal is to help give you relevant knowledge, so that you can focus your energy on what really makes a difference in order to get your results in much less time
1. How does the test work?
In order to pass the first part, candidates will need to correctly answer 85% of 100 questions. The second part of the examination consists of resolving real problems or implementing a specific procedure of 5SRW to specific scenes

2. In how many languages is available the certification test?
The first part of the exma is availabnle in English, Spanish and Italian

3. Is the 5SRW Certification valid for any V-Ray platform?
Yes, since the test mainly focuses on the photographic techniques to use with V-Ray, and these are pretty universal

4. Is there an extra fee for the certification test?
The fee is included in the subscription. 3 months after subscribing, you can book your test when you prefer

5. Will I get the certification I've completed the course, or do I need to pass a test?
Our subscription includes 2 certifications:
- By completing all the quizzes after each chapter, you get the 'Learnvray Certification'
- By passing the exam you get the '5SRW Certification for V-Ray'

6. What if I fail the first attempt of ‘5SRW Certification for V-Ray’?
You can do the test again after 3 months by paying a modest fee of $30. The first attempt is already included in your subscription fee (statistically those who have followed the method taught have almost always cleared the certification at the first attempt)