V-Ray Environment Fog




As we’ve seen before, we can achieve a good Fog effect with the Zdepth element, but this doesn’t work with the environment like the V-Ray Environment Fog, for this reason the Environment Fog creates a more realistic effect, of course will take more rendering time but the result worth it; However the VRay Environment Fog  is not only to create Fog effect but Volumetric light, clouds and other nice effects, and can works with a direct light and GI, one of the parameters that determines the rendering time is the density of the Fog.



  • Active the VrayEnvironmentFog from the Environment-Atmosphere menu;
  • Active the Optimized Atmospheric Evaluation option from Render Setup;
  • Use Gizmos to contain the Fog;
  • Scatter GI generate a natural fog effect;
  • If you wanna change the Fog shape, use textures for Fog Density;
  • When you use a texture, the white colors remain, and blacks disapear;
  • Don’t forget make “no rendereable” the geometry in order to see the Fog effect;


With VRay Environment Fog, clouds are possible to create, and for this is necessary use geometry like a Gizmo and consider 2 important parameters, the Step Size and Fade Out with the next logic, if the Step Size is reduced, then we’ll have a volume less defined, this work with the interior of the volume or geometry, on the other hand the Fade Out make the edges diffuse and softer; Again..I toke like a reference a Pixar character, but the idea was not create the character, only the texture and volume effect, at the end the eyes and mouth were put it in PS ;)


You can download the 3 scenes with the exercises shown in the video and the scene with the big cloud and you have to learn how to use this tools to create volumetric light, fog and clouds, and of course is up to you and your imagination create new effects:

(*) don’t care if some texure is missing, it’s not used in the scene