Lesson#3 – V-Ray Sun and Physical Camera

Lesson#3 – V-Ray Sun and Physical Camera

Lesson by Ciro Sannino | Official 5SRW study material


Video language: Italiano



The V-Ray Sun and the Physical Camera are so simple to use.
Just treat them as a real sun and a real DSLR camera:


  • We ALWAYS use V-Ray Materials > VRayMtl
  • We ALWAYS assign a generic VRayMtl to the entire scene to test the lighting
  • More important: Change shutter speed value for external rendering
  • Place V-Ray Sun (go to the environment tab to add the sky )
  • Just move the Sun up and down to see how this affect the scene: it’s like the real sun!
  • If you need more or less light don’t modify the SUN! Use Shutter Speed:lower values > more light / higher values > less light



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