Night Render – Tutorial demo




Night Renders – In this lesson we apply the light balance concepts, to convert a daily lighting into a night render. The hierarchy is fundamental to easily handle the scene. We are also going to use some render elements to make the process easy and comfortable.

Final images

day night rendering



  • Do not use VRayLight Portals in night renders
  • Don’t forget to delete the VRaySky
  • Just place light sources where they actually are
  • Use V-Ray Light “as substitute”: invisible + reflections(off) + Specular(off)
  • Shutter speed exposure 50 is good for a medium quantity of light
  • Use Override Mtl to do a good light balance without losing the materials assigned
  • Create a chromatic contrast with the “Temperature
  • Use V-Ray 2 Sided Mtl for thin objects
  • Use “screen” blending mode to add reflections in Photoshop


Night Render – Final compositing

This solution allows us to handle the scene in a very quick way. Here the layers are arranged in Photoshop

vray night



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