Handle both V-Ray 2 and 3

Handle both V-Ray 2 and 3

Lesson by Ciro Sannino | Official 5SRW study material

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Lesson #2A – Contents:

  • HD VIDEO / Narrated / 3 ‘
  • Settings in both versions: V-Ray 2 and 3
  • Setting Antialiasing
  • Setting Global illumination: Irradiance map + Light Cache
  • Setting Noise and Color Threshold

[*] Suggestion: If you’re new with V-Ray remember that the photographic techniques
used during this course, are not affected by the V-Ray version


Parameters do not control the ‘beauty’

Before to start, it’s crucial that you focus on this concept: Parameters do not control the ‘beauty’, parameters just control the balance between time to render and definition. On the other side, the ‘beauty’ is controlled by: composition, light balance and colors. What we do in 5SRW is focusing on the right things, to make the difference.

Parameters do not produce ‘beauty’ themselves, but we need to use them of course!

I’m going to show you how the settings can be arranged in both versions: V-Ray 2 and 3. If you never used V-Ray before that could appear different at first glance, but in this video, you will see that finally we will use exactly the same parameters.


TEST & FINAL 5SRW settings, we will use in the entire course:




  • Parameters do not control the ‘beauty’
  • You create amazing renders focusing on composition, light balance and colors
  • If your render does not look good, work on composition, light balance and colors!
  • Don’t waste too much time with Render parameters
  • Learning parameters for both versions makes you more flexible
  • Never forget that you’re studying V-Ray with 5SRWMore info here


UPDATE V-RAY 3.4 / Antialiasing: Bucket-Progressive

It’s nothing new, just a reorganization of a couple of options
From 3.4 V-Ray Blends the “Fixed” and “Adaptive” sampler into a “Bucket

When you select Bucket, basically you’re working with “Adaptive” (in the past called Adaptive DMC)
If you disable “Max Subs” (red box below) you’re working with Fixed (not used in this course to optimize render times)




In the following Lesson#2-B (Preparing 3ds max&V-Ray) I will talk again about settings using V-Ray 2.
Actually, I will use V-Ray 2 is all lessons, but you will see that finally nothing really changes.
As teacher, I prefer this situation because this will help you to abstract concepts


For any question or problem do not hesitate to fill the message box below
We are here to support you!


Ciro Sannino
Author & Authorized V-Ray Instructor / 5SRW



For more info about the course, please contact: support@learnvray.com

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