Lesson#22 – Light Balance (Demo Eng SketchUp)

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Before to start building the light balance, we need to have an untouchable starting point: The camera. Throughout this, we can set the light hierarchy we want. You must have clear idea about how each light you add will behave in the scene. Establish which one will be the Primary, the Secondary and the Fill lights. As usual, always work with one light at the time.



  • Set White balance as pure white.
  • ISO=100
  • f/number=8
  • Shutter speed=50
  • Vertical Tilt= -0.14 (for this case, otherwise you should find the right value to fix vertical lines).
  • The most important thing is to have a hierarchy.
  • V-Ray IES will be the primary light for this scene.
  • V-Ray Dome will be the secondary light, simulating night with a cold color.
  • Use a mix of V-Ray IES lights and rectangular lights.
  • Work with one light per time.
  • Use render region to speed up the calculation.
  • Use curve correction to add contrast to the illumination.


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