AWARDS – How to earn Learnvray Awards

How to earn Learnvray AWARDS

Companies and clients continually look for 3D artists. They look for artists capable to produce great images and that have consistently high level production.
They also look for fast and skilled artists, those with a good photographic approach and a strong understanding of the leading industry software.

In Learnvray you can earn different Awards and showcase them on a special page
Each award has a different category:



5SRW – Certification that you have all theoretical and practical knowledge needed to create photorealistic renders with the 5SRW method
GALLERY – You produce good quality work, and have been admitted into our gallery at least 3 times
GALLERY X10 – You have consistent high-quality production. You’ve been admitted into our gallery 10 times
BEST OF THE MONTH – Your excellent work was awarded Best Of The Month on
VIDEO – You have produced 1 high quality architectural short video, using 5SRW
CONTRIBUTOR – Your talents and skills have been used to improve the contents of


How to earn Awards?
Pass the exam, and share your works in the Facebook Private Group. Our team picks the best entries for the gallery and/or to add new content to

How to activate the Award page
The minimum requirements are the 5SRW Certification + Gallery (or) Best of month

Our awarded members:


If you have the minimum requirements to active an award page, please contact us,

5SRW for 3ds Max ]
5SRW for 3ds Max ]
[ 5SRW for SketchUp ]
[ 5SRW for SketchUp ]